• Community News   ( 2 Articles )

    extra-news-200wThe community news blog covers some timely topics passed on from the office or the board about upcoming events and activities that affect the entire community.

  • Concord Roots Blog   ( 6 Articles )
    shop_1aConcord Village is named after the successful 1600's pilgram settlement near Plymouth Rock, a town which was later immortalized by Paul Revere's Ride to warn Concord, the first battleground of the revoluationary war. In the 1800's, Concord writers such as Ralph Waldo Emerson, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Louisa May Alcott and Henry David Thoreau created the first "American literary voice."  This blog explores some of that early history and the history of our own modern Concord Village here in Arizona.
  • Area Hot Spots Blog   ( 3 Articles )

    hotspotsThe Hot Spots Blog is a community effort filled with details about some our favorite places to go and things to do near Concord Village.  When you receive that out-of-town guest, these are a few places you just GOTTA take 'em to share the "true" Arizona experience.

  • Handyman Dan Blog   ( 3 Articles )
    handymandanThe Handyman Dan blog is based on the collective experience of handy owners, handy persons (not to be sexist), and trade contractors who have some experience maintining, repairing annd improving our Concord Village residences.  In these articles, you will find lots of tips and tricks and lessons learned, and special insights to the care and maintenance of our units.  Over time, we hope to profile some of the "Best Improvements" that people have made to their units.
  • Village Timeline   ( 13 Articles )

    milestone200The Village Timeline blog is a year-by-year review of the major milestones, projects, enhancements and enduring decisions made at Concord Village since it was founded.  Since nearly all historical documents were lost or destroyed, this history is taken from bits and pieces pulled together from Concord Village residents.

  • Welcome Wagon Blog   ( 1 Article )
    welcome-wagon-200In the fifties, a company called "Welcome Wagon" began working with local communities welcome to new homeowners by sending coupons for area suppliers and restaurants.  As the program evolved, local welcome wagon representatives would meet with new residents and help the learn about the neighborhood, meet people, etc.  The Welcome Wagon concept was eventually copied by numerous neighborhoods who created their own style of welcoming new residents.  At Concord Village, right now, our Welcome Wagon is just a virtual program, but in time, we hope that we can bring back some of that magical 50s era personal touch.
  • It Takes a Village Blog   ( 2 Articles )
    takesavillageHillary Clinton borrowed her 1996 book title from a centuries-old Igbo African proverb, "Ora na azu nwa."  The Igbo people name their children "Nwa ora" which means child of the community.  I have been a co-owner of this community since the mid 1990s, and I raised five children here.  During this entire time, I had the great fortune of being a stay-at-home mom, so I had many wonderful and unique opportunities to get to know the children of this "village."  Growing up in this community has been a great experience for MY children and for so MANY more, and so this blog is about sharing some stories and some ideas that we can use to strengthen and enrich the lives and futures of our chidren, as a village.