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The Concord Village Board recently adopted a Medical Marijuana addendum to our occupancy agreement based upon the following recommendations:

  • The City of Tempe police department has urged us to do this as part of our participation in their Crime Free Multi-Family housing program.
  • Our management company has indicated that HUD requires such an addendum on any federally insured property.

The link below is to two HUD memos which clarify their position on Medical Marijuana:


In Arizona, HOAs are legally required to hold most Board Meetings in front of the membership.  As a result, many members moving to Concord Village from HOAs are often confused by why our Board does not do so.

Attached is a legal opinion drafted by our attorney in 2012 which addresses this issue in great detail (16 pages including citations to the related statutes).  In summary, the way I interpret this, it seems that Open Meeting laws were designed to protect the interests of private property owners.  At Concord Village, however, we operate as a large 373 shareholder corporation that owns an multi-family housing complex, and our members/shareholders do not own individual pieces of "goverened" private property.

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