Milestones for 1999

  1. Pools Replastered - Swimming Pool Service & Repair chipped out the existing plaster to the gunite / shotcrete, removed existing tile and lane markers prior to the installation of new racing lanes and perimeter tile, replaced resar as required then applied two new coats of plaster to the 185,000 gallon main pool in 1999. The aforementioned process was also applicable to the baby pool.
  2. Pool & Clubhouse Exterior Lighting Upgraded (1999?) - Two hundred and fifty feet of single-phase wiring was upgraded from 110 to 220 wire for the baby pool. Three hundred seventy five feet of new wire was pulled to replace the 7 new lights within the large pool and 10 exterior lights encompassing the perimeter the clubhouse, rear youth center and pump room.

Important Dates in 1999

Documents from 1999