Milestones for 1995

  1. Lead Based Paint Study Completed - Law Crandell Engineering tested for lead-based paint.  HUD Regulations 24 CFR Part 200, Subpart 0 considered test readings of one milligram per square milligram per square centimeter (1 mg/cm-2) or higher using x-ray fluorescence analyzer positive for the presence of lead based paint.  Their report found that "A total of 438 components were performed on components from exterior and common areas, and on interior components from 10 randomly selected dwelling units XRF testing indicated all components tested were negative for the presence of lead per HUD regulations."
  2. HUD $3.5 Million Loan Secured for Retrofit - Initially, CV applied for $7 million to do capital improvements, but only $3.5 million was granted.  The purpose of the cross collateralization of the six existing mortgages under Section 241(a) of the National Housing Act with securing a second was to utilize the mortgage dollars to remedy serious deferred maintenance which was ultimately affecting the health and safety of the Cooperative, specifically the plumbing (both sewer and water) and substandard electrical components. In addition, HVAC's needed replacement along with T-111 siding.
  3. Retrofit Plans Engineered by Experts - Field work included verifying all existing conditions and dimensions prior to the commencement of construction via original owner drawings, the architect's and consultant's observations, (TRK Architecture, Gervasio & Assoc. Inc. and Lowry Sorenson Plumbing and Electrical Engineering) extensive verification of existing plumbing conditions by Ryan Mechanical, water and sewer main location by the City of Tempe, site electrical utility and easements through SRP and TOR Engineering and finally implementation of the Retrofit by the General Contractor, Western Plains Development.

Important Dates in 1995

  • Aug '95 -Law Crandell Engineering completed Lead Based Paint Study (from 2001 capital plan)
  • Aug 10, 95 - Josephy Gervasio completed Land and Title Survey of Property

Documents from 1995