Below are links to Board of Directors Minutes from the 2011 calendar year.

FEB 10, 2010 - Approved bid from CDC Pools to replaster main pool, and request more bids for sidewalk and basketball court.   cv-bod-minutes-2010-0210.pdf

MAR 10, 2010 - No board actions.  cv-bod-minutes-2010-0310.pdf

APR 14, 2010 - Voted to obtain HQS training for two maintenance staff, and to fix the fence and permiter gates.  cv-bod-minutes-2010-0414.pdf

MAY 19, 2010 - Voted to have attorney review Centennial Mortgage refinance proposal, and to approve the budget of the swim team volunteers.  cv-bod-minutes-2010-0519.pdf

JUN 08, 2010 - Voted to sign a letter of intent to secure refinancing.  cv-bod-minutes-2010-0608.pdf and cv-bod-minutes-2010-0608-extended.pdf

JUL 14, 2010 - Voted to authorize attorney to seek removal of a pit bull that killed a cat, and approved $7900 light project on McAllister.  cv-bod-minutes-2010-0714.pdf

AUG 11, 2010 - No board actions.  cv-bod-minutes-2010-0811.pdf

SEP 08, 2010 - REAC inspections were completed and the score was 89 (compared to 71 and 79 prior two years). Also the budget from D&M for the next year was reviewed.  The board voted to close the pool earlier in the day, and voted to approve $3950 for HQS training. cv-bod-minutes-2010-0908.pdf

OCT 22, 2010 - Approved a $20 annual increase in carrying charges.  cv-bod-minutes-2010-1022.pdf

NOV 19, 2010 - Voted to authorized D&M to hire a paint color design company to produce three designs for the new rehab.  cv-bod-minutes-2010-1119.pdf

DEC 17, 2010 - No board actions.  cv-bod-minutes-2010-1217.pdf