welcome-wagon-200In the fifties, a company called "Welcome Wagon" began working with local communities welcome to new homeowners by sending coupons for area suppliers and restaurants.  As the program evolved, local welcome wagon representatives would meet with new residents and help the learn about the neighborhood, meet people, etc.  The Welcome Wagon concept was eventually copied by numerous neighborhoods who created their own style of welcoming new residents.  At Concord Village, right now, our Welcome Wagon is just a virtual program, but in time, we hope that we can bring back some of that magical 50s era personal touch.

Cooperator-July09In March 2011, our Town Hall meeting discussed Insurance for our Coops.  The following article is from Cooperative Magazine, a free monthly magazine for Coops.  We have excerpted this article below with commentary in red which is specific to Concord Village.

Vive La Difference - Co-op versus Condo Insurance
By Meryl Feiner

If an electrical fire destroys your newly renovated kitchen, will your co-op pay to replace your space-age stove and slate countertops? If a pipe bursts in your condo and your $10,000 wallpaper is ruined, who pays to fix it? The answers to questions like these may lie in your building's underlying documents and should be considered when buildings and individual unit owners are purchasing insurance.

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