Milestones for 1996

  1. Asbestos Study Completed - Fiberquant Inc completed an Asbestos Study and found that "Sample analysis under a quality assurance program detected no asbestos."

  2. Underground Sewer/Water Retrofit - Site work consisted of the removal of 55 trees in order to replace sanitary sewer laterals prior to the installation of cleanouts to 373 dwelling units, office and the clubhouse. Additionally installed were new reduced pressure backflow prevention devices at all existing locations.  A complete new loop water system was installed with shutoff valves located throughout the property in order to isolate future leaks. All old lines were abandoned with new feeder lines installed to each unit. Prior to the retrofit, water to the complete 23 acres was shut down in order to repair a leak. New domestic hot water supply and cold-water piping (exterior of building and in attic space) were replaced with insulated pre-molded fiberglass all-service jackets.  City of Tempe replaced existing feed lines from the main line to the dwelling units as applicable. Ground rods to 55 buildings were installed.

  3. Interior Plumbing Copper Retrofit - Existing galvanized plumbing lines routed from the floor, areas from the ceiling and lines from the walls were capped, with new copper water lines and angle stops for sinks and toilets were installed throughout the unit. Partial under floor copper from the hose bibs were terminated and re-piped above the slab in the downstairs portion of the units. Recessed washing machine outlet boxes with center drain outlet connections and factory valves were installed.

  4. Interior Electrical Upgrades - GFI receptacles were replaced in all "wet" locations as required by code. All light switches and receptacles inside the units were replaced inclusive of general use HVAC Copal for direct connection to aluminum, copper or copper clad conductors.  All electrical panel boxes and breakers were replaced with the feeder wiring tightened at the range, water heater, dryer and HVAC location. The new flush receptacles utilized were heavy duty with terminals for up to 4 connections.

  5. HVAC Replacements Complete - All HVAC units on the property were replaced between 1992 and 1996.  Beginning in 1992, the 25 year old units began failing in large quantities, and so in 1995-96, all remaining A/C units were replaced.

Important Dates in 1996

  • Jan 23 '66 - Fiberquant produces their Asbestos Study (mentioned in 2001 capital plan)

Documents from 1996

  • HVAC Replacements