Below are links to Board of Directors Minutes from the 2011 calendar year.

JAN 14, 2011 - Last Board meeting of prior board just before annual meeting where they voted on the selection of Imperial to do the rehab.  cv-bod-minutes-2011-0114.pdf

JAN 15, 2011 - First meeting of new board where officers were selected.  cv-bod-minutes-2011-0115.pdf

MAR 14, 2011 - Voted to replace a golf cart that died.  cv-bod-minutes-2011-0314.pdf

AUG 01, 2011 - No votes were conducted.  cv-bod-minutes-2011-0801.pdf

SEP 05, 2011 - Jodie Williams was voted in as interim Board Member to fill the vacancy left by Danielle's departure, and she was also voted as and accepted the role of Secretary of the Corporation.  Additionally, new rules changes were adopted regarding Satellite Dishes.  cv-bod-minutes-2011-0905.pdf - 298 Kb

OCT 03, 2011 - The board approved a rock garden, decided not to renew membership in NAHC, decided to actively give out A/C filters to members, and decided to remove the workers comp insurance for Board Members.  cv-bod-minutes-2011-1003.pdf