FOR EXISTING MEMBERS ONLY - Below are copies of the governing documents and forms as received by members, revised as of the dates indicated in the file name.  PDFs are available to download and print here, but since this is a member volunteer run website, please check with the office to make sure you have the most recent and correct version of these documents.


Shareholder Rules and Regulations

The Rules and Regulations are similar to CC&Rs that govern what homeowners can and cannot do in HOAs, except that because we are a housing cooperative, the rules are tailored to cooperative living among shareholders rather than individual property owners.


Corporate Bylaws & Articles

The Corporate Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation describe how the corporation is organized, how official meetings are conducted, and lays out the rights and obligations of shareholders, directors and officers of the corporation.


HUD Agreements and Docs

HUD has guaranteed a low-interest loan on Concord Village till the end of 2026, and as a result, maintains some regulatory control over the property, including requiring that we make vacant units available to lower-income families on a waiting list basis.


Occupancy Agreements & Forms

The Occupancy Agreement spells out your rights and obligations as a member to occupy the specific unit that you will be living in, and the application is used to add another household member to your unit.


Annual Recertification Form

There are two versions of this form, one for those who's income is over the HUD-subsidized income limits and the other for those who wish to apply to receive HUD carrying charge subsidies.


Transfer Agreement

The transfer agreement is the document which is used to convey ownership of Concord Village shares plus rights to occupy a specific dwelling unit within the property.  It includes information about how the maximum allowed transfer value is calculated.


Clubhouse Reservations

Our clubhouse is available for use by members, and below are the forms and checklists.

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Arizona Statutes & Case Law

The documents linked below summarize some of the Arizona statutes and case law that apply to a variety of types of planned communities, including some that specifically govern housing cooperatives.