Dictionary.com defines "concord" as an "agreement between persons, groups, nations, etc.; concurrence in attitudes, feelings, etc.; unanimity; accord; agreement between things; mutual fitness; harmony; peace; amity; a treaty; compact; covenant."  The original Concord Village in Massachuessetts was named as such in 1635 because of the peaceful accord with the neighboring natives from whom they purchased the land just a few months earlier.

The name of the person who first came up with the name of "Concord Village" for our Arizona community appears to have been lost to corporate history, but one could imagine that if you were envisioning large cooperative housing project on what was once Native American land, and you had studied a bit of American history, you might come to the conclusion that "concord" is nearly synonymous with "cooperative" and so the reasons for naming our Concord Village are not dissimilar to what motivated early 1600's pilgrams to name their hopeful new outpost.

Prior to the peaceful settlement at Concord, Brittish and French settlers experienced decades of disasterous consequences due in part to animosity with the natives.