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Concord Village is comprised of 373 one and two-story townhomes,
more than half of which offer three or more bedrooms in compact
economical and energy-efficient designs.  The project was originally
founded in 1964 and built in six phases from 1965 to 1968 as a
pathway for low income families to build equity and eventually own
their own home in the fast-growing Tempe housing market.

In 2027, after several refinacing efforts and a 60-year long wait,
we will have paid off our last remaining HUD loans.  As a result,
we will finally be able to move to fair market value or deed the
units as condos to our members.

The website was created more than a decade ago
by enthusiastic residents living in Concord Village in Tempe Arizona. 
Updating this site and resident social media pages, and making sure that
information is shared freely and transparently and answers are available
for all residents is a community effort very much in the spirit of a healthy
functioning housing cooperative.

To discuss our options for conversion to fair market
value or deeded condos in 2027, please join our
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